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The Joint-Spring® is a finger extension splint with adjustable tension, and can even be worn on a recently operated finger. The velcro sling cradles the fingertip without metal contact. The slide pads can be positioned directly over the joints of any size finger. The proximal wrist support is a D-ring velcro strap. Because the splint spans all finger joints simultaneously, it acts on all joints as well as all structures on the flexor surface of the finger. The force can be increased by adding a bracer bar. It is available in three sizes. The 9" size is most frequently used.

Indications for use may include:

• Dupuytren's contracture post surgery or Xiaflex

• Trigger finger release (stenosing tenosynovitis or STS)

• Tenolysis of the flexor tendons

• MP joint stiffness

• Intrinsic tightness

Application for full finger extension

Apply the Joint-Spring® for one hour two or three times a day or, if it is to be worn all night, an hour before retiring.

Step 1: Loosen the screws and position the pads over the MP and PIP joints. Then tighten the screws to maintain the position.

Step 2: Gradually tighten the wrist strap. The distal strap can also be adjusted, but should not be too tight.

Step 3: If more force is desired, the bar can be bent backwards and/or a bracer bars can be slid beneath the velcro straps on the dorsum of the splint.

Application for isolated MP joint extension

Step 1: Loosen the screws and position the pads over the MP joint and the dorsum of the hand. Then tighten the screws to maintain the position.

Step 2: The velcro sling is then secured over the PIP joint.

Step 3: Adjustments in force can be made in the same manner as described above.

Joint Spring is now available through Performance Health!